04. und 05. June IDS Drift Challenge as guest in Oschersleben
Olli and myself had lots of fun driving sideways on the famous race track in Oschersleben.
Even though the drift entry with about 155 kmh and the following tripple left curve was quite a challenge.
Video this time on Vimeo in HD http://vimeo.com/12401295

21. and 22. Mai, Sport Auto Drift Challenge in Hockenheim

More than 20.000 spectators came to the famous race track in Hockenheim to see more than 70 top drifters from five nations. Great weather and spectacular drifts made a great atmosphere for the spectators and the drifters.

Place 15 in Drift Challenge.

Place 2 in Teamdrift with Werner Gusenbauer, Uwe Sener, Axel Mack, Andy Diepolder and Markus Militzer. Thanks to the team for the great result. 

It was a great weekend with great result and here you can see the video in HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VCkccqeejw

Even with technical problem, place 1 in Pro Search and place 2 in Street Run. In additon lots of fun in the free training http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAMcMK8VoyI

Thanks to Stefan Manheller for technical support and spare parts www.manheller.com

20.03.2010 Nürburgring Testdrive at the Drifttraining on the fast and difficult track on the Nürburgring http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL-7T4niyEE

Faschingsdrift 13.02.2010 in Hockenheim

MArkus & Olli had lots of fun on ice and snow on the Hockenheim race track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpB8FsMTuvc



12.12.2009 Hockenheim Advent Drift

Even tough the weather was bad and the temperatures cold, me and Olli Hesse James had lots of fun on the Hockenheim track for the Advent Drift. And of course the is a Video as well.

01.11.2009 European Drift Championship
The best 32 top drivers from Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Danmark, England, Luxemburg and the Netherlands came to the difficult track on the Nürburgring. The track was the Dunlop Curve up to the Schumacher S and linked to the Ford Curve. A track for which the pros needed all their skills.
Already on Saturday in the training it was abvious how difficult it is to hit the ideal line, but also how much fun the track is. In the training I head a high wear and tear of tires (22 pcs) so that I only had relaticly bad tires for the qualifying and the twinbattles. The first Twinbattle I was able to win against a more powerfull Nissan, but in the next turn I lost. 11th place is the total result with which Im satisfied, considering the tire situation.

Video now here European Drift Championship 2009

Thanks to Alexander Maas for pictures and videos.
Report in Avto Magazin, with thanks to Matej and Dusan.

19.09.2009 Avto Magazin Drift Challenge in Slowenia
Following the invitation of Drift Pro Luka-Marko Groselj to Krkso-Slowenien, I was able to reach position 5in the first run, in Twin Battles I drop out of narrow.

Next to having fun, another goal was to produce a professionell Video in HD-Quality that is shown on severeal internet platforms.

As well as professionell pictures to be published on internation Motorsport websites.

Video now here http://vimeo.com/7683966

23.08.2009 Final of the Staatsmeisterschaft Drift Challenge Austria

More than 3000 fans came to see the fight of about 70 drivers. After the last run on the super fast track in Melk, the total results are:

Race Cars:
1. Alois Pamper, Austria, BMW M3 E36
2. Georg Comandella, Austria, BMW M3 E30
3. Markus Militzer, Germany, BMW M3 E36

Serial Cars
1. Hannes Danzinger, Austria, BMW M3 E46
2. Thomas Graf, Austria, BMW M3 E36
3. Oliver Scheurich, Germany, BMW M5 E34

On the fastest track in the DCA race calender, the choice of the ideal line as well as finding to right point to shift were essential. The west curve was driven in 3rd gear, the tight curves after start and finish in 2nd gear, downhill left curve in 3rd gear and uphill in 2nd gear.

Special thanks to Dietmar Marder of Auto Marder Bosch Car Service for his technical support.

Video with Onboard
Official DCA Video
Foto by MyOldFellow.de Tobias Mews

08. August 2009 DTM Driver Timo Scheider
organized www.race-4-kids.com the motorsport charity event with great program and many VIPs.
- Kartrace with F1 Driver Timo Glock, Jan Ulrich, Stefan Bradl and
  many others
- Airtshow with Red Bull Air Race World Champian Hannes Arch
- Race- and Drifttaxi
- Motorcycle show with Chris Pfeiffer
- DTM Pit Stop Demo with Timo Scheider

The Event was a great success with 8000 visitors and a donation of 40.000 Euros.

Markus Militzer in his BMW M3 Drifttaxi was happy to drive Driftfans sideways on the track and so to contribute a part to the successfull Event.
Fotoimpressions here

10. and 11. July 2009, Third
DCA Run in Saalfelden
So far the most difficult track in the DCA 2009. An approx. 1000m long track with a continously changing surface was a challenge for all drivers. In some areas the wet track had so much grip that parts of the tires were ripped. In other areas it was very slippery which caused damages to some of the cars of the other drivers. So choosing the right tires was once again essential. On friday the training went not very well, but on Saturday the warm up started good and in the competition it went even better. From Lap to Lap the performance was better. 3rd Place in Saalfelden, as always the results were very tight.
1. Comandella, 49,5 Punkte, M3 E30
2. Pamper,      49,0 Punkte, M3 E36
3. Militzer,       48,0 Punkte, M3 E36
4. Groselj,       47,5 Punkte, M3 E36 Touring

In exactly the same order is the Championship at the moment. So it will be a ver exciting final in Melk on August 22. and 23.
Video of the Top 5 in Saalfelden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBRt8XsyJ7k 
Video with nice Impression of Saalfelden.

12. and 13. June, Second DCA Run
Lang-Lebring, Steiermark Österreich

Compared to last year the track was changed with two more corners and so it was even more tight and technical. After several tests on Friday it was not possible to find the ideal tires with the best grip level. The contest on saturday and the results show how tight the top drivers are competing to each other:

1. Pamper       46,5 Punkte
2. Kochmann   46,0 Punkte
3. Comandella 45,5 Punkte
4. Groselj        45,5 Punkte
5. Militzer       45,5 Punkte

In the meantime the competitors are even using special race rain tires.
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJlOcCqlO3E

16. & 17. Mai 2009 Mail-Mölbling in Kärnten Austria.
First Run of the Drift Challenge Austria.
On the prooven track in Mail-Mölbling, only the uphill bonus zone was changed, which means that now the drift leads directly into the top corner.
Already on Saturday the training wen well and I was happy with the car and my performance. On Sunday morning for the free training I used good grip tires and so increased speed.
About 2000 spectators were following the contest in the afternoon, beautifull weather and a great mude. Groselj, Comandella, Pamper, Kochmann, Rockstroh and Militzer were all fighting for a place on the podium.
After three runs the result was:
  1. Comandella 46 Points
  2. Militzer 45 Points
  3. Pamper 44,5 Points
  4. Groselj 43,5 Points
A great result for the frist of four runs of the Drift Challenge Austria which is held this year for the first time  as official "State Championship".
All details on www.driftchallenge.at

21. & 22.03.2009 IDS Street Run Hockenheim
Great training with lots of sun on saturday. Exciting twinbattle action with Oli Scheurich and Oli Harsch. On Sunday, clouds but still try conditions, ideal to put on Toyo grip tires for the contest. In the first run, still surprised about the high grip level, the rund was not perfect. The second run was just great, max. speed, angle and ideal line = tied with place 1, in this case the first run counts which was not ideal, so second place :-)))

08.03.2009 Test Nürburgring
Even considering the bad weather conditions with snow, rain and fog, the tests were going well. Thanks to good snow tires which were a good fit for the bad waether and which helped to do the testings with a realativly high speed.

19.02.2009 Drift Action on Ice & Snow
Already the trip on snow covered roads was pure fun. Best weather track conditions and bright sunshine on February 19, 2009. Thanks to all drifter for their diszipline and thanks to Markus Gruber from Fahrspass for organizing the event.

Thanks to the engagement of Peter Wagner from the company WagnerWagner, the Homepage  just starts as the season 2009 in a new design.

What else is new:
For the 2009 season, the M3 has been further modified and is know equiped with rollcage according to the IDC/IDS and FIA regulations. Also the limited slip differential, clutch and the fixing point for the rear axle have been optimizied. Special thanks for the technical support to Luka-Marko and Tom from Lijubljana-Slowenia.

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